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Located on North Stradbroke Island, this holiday house is a simple series of pavilions with a mostly external circulation path.

It is divided up into a simple plan of bathroom, sleeping and living pavilions. This is linked by covered paths and steps that descend down the sandy site to the south. The rooves float over the top of the pavilions on a grid of rough sawn Cypress Pine posts.

The structure was stripped down to
a very simple timber post and beam layout that winds itself through
the levels.

A lightweight roofing system allows a floating canopy above this and contributes to the overall simplicity and honesty of the building.

Hand crafted details such as the hardwood pivot and bi-fold doors and the custom light fittings contribute to the holistic approach of ours where everything is designed and made on site.

The strength of the house for me was in the response to the fantastic climate of this sheltered site on the island. In essence it is really a
series of operable openings
under a canopy that allow the site and people to flow through
the building.

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