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House of Gardens is an extension to a terrace house situated in the heart of Newtown.

The project is derived from a series of gardens spaces or ‘courtyards’, which helps maintain privacy in a characteristically urban setting. It encourages introspection through its series of spaces and landscape. The use of a minimal palette lets the open spaces provide the delight. It focuses on what is alive; the architecture remains constant while, the plants are ever changing.

The design provides a level of flexibility consistent with the client’s lifestyle; there is a nomadic element about the design, it is never static. The study may transform into a yoga space, both which look onto a tranquil roof garden home to a coral of colourful succulents.

The project uses basic materials to their utmost potential. Timber, concrete, metal, glass are all crafted in such a way to complement each other. Although it is small scale, there has been a high level of care in the making of it, which increases it value beyond any cost outcome. It is extremely well built and detailed, making it extremely durable.

This project explores the use of internal gardens for both cooling purposes and air quality. There is a high level of ventilation through out the project. The timbers around the courtyards are hinged, allowing them to open, while in the upstairs bedroom, a beautifully crafted wheel can be twisted to open vents in
the roof.

The project has zero air conditioners and has a high level of resolution in response to solar activity. Both the toilets and washing machine run off tank water. The calmness of the palette draws attention to the garden spaces, boosting the client’s well-being and lifestyle, through their constant connection to nature.

The high level of craftsmanship celebrates the built-form and the ever-fluctuating natural environment.

"My designs concentrate on craftsmanship, the use of real materials, architectural sophistication and some connection or enabling of landscape within a complex. The future for me lies in a continuing investigation of the method of living, and surrounding myself with passionate and skilled people… including clients."

Drew Heath, Architect.

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