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This is a 2 bedroom holiday house in the Blue Mountains that centres itself on a piano played by the owner.

The shape of the building and in particular the roof form was generated around an acoustic concept that served the piano. The plan is quite simple in that is generally living downstairs, sleeping upstairs and a bathroom box plugged into the back. The piano sits in one corner of the lower level and the roof extends out from it, folding over spaces as it rises. The intention is to project music through the building and out into the landscape beyond.


The construction is double brick, steel framed roof and concrete floors. The house has a mass and durability that seemed suitable to a holiday house in a cool environment. Within there are details that experiment with a steel framed kitchen system, custom concrete lights and the use of varying tones, shades and brightness on coloured planes.

The house is very much about a warm, solid and cosy space that looks out onto a field of layered trees with music in the air.

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