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This large house near Byron Bay is an exercise in post and beam construction around a central courtyard space. The project came with an existing courtyard plan and a garden that had been under construction for 25 years.

The aim was to create a dignified building that complimented and related to this landscape. The choice of skillion rooves allowed us to explore the post and beam structure that wraps around the building particularly as a central circulation system. The materials are simple yet the detailing and craftsmanship are of a very high level.

To suit the climate and desired living method the house is broken up into a series of indoor and then outdoor rooms. Although covering a large footprint the building is really only partially enclosed. All rooms and spaces relate to the garden that is operating at a much larger scale and complexity.


The site changes in level, particularly as you exit the building in various directions. We have created an almost ‘hillside village’ approach to this as you enter and exit
the township in varying ways through steps, paths and groundworks.

On a finer level the building is created from a very simple palate of materials and details that have been executed to a precise level that somehow creates a great unity of materials and spaces. The building is also something that has been built to last on a scale that relates to the garden that it lives within.

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